Matthew Nair


With more drive than a semi-truck, Matthew Nair harnessed a non-stop entrepreneurial
spirit at a young age the only way to he knew how; with hard work and sacrifice. One
doesn’t become CEO of major U.S. investment companies like Nair Invest LLC by
accident. Nair applied himself double-time at a young age, finishing his last two years
of school at night, while working during the day to earn his building trade qualifications
in Canberra, Australia. Before he was 20 years old, Nair was not only single-handedly
overseeing operations at his boss’s construction company, but training rigorously
for what would be a successful career in kickboxing. He ignored voicemails and text
messages from his pals to join him at the nightclubs, instead opting to bear down on his
fight training and career goals, traveling internationally and competing for the former
while simultaneously focusing on the latter. Nair would go on to complete numerous
popular and successful construction projects, including high-rise structures, university
buildings, apartment complexes and distinct residential housing both in Australia
and abroad. This was the foundation on which Nair Invest LLC was built; a company
devoted to making investors dreams become reality, with hard work, determination and

And, honestly, this should come as little surprise, if you consider the incredible journey
Matthew has taken to get where he is now. Diagnosed at age 8 with aplastic anemia – a
deadly condition that prohibits bone marrow from producing new blood cells – Matthew
and his family were informed by physicians that he wouldn’t make it through the next
hours alive. He would treat this devastating news the same way he would later treat his
kickboxing opponents; with fierce determination and a relentless approach to overcome.
He would spend two arduous years in the hospital, his body and soul bobbing and
weaving, absorbing blows and setbacks while digging deep to survive. He would get this
disease on the ropes and later on the mat, thanks to a graciously selfless bone marrow
transplant from his brother.

Doesn’t stop there, though. At age 24, Matthew was involved in a horrific car accident,
one that would leave him paralyzed from waist to toe. Again, the news from medical
staff was grim. “You’ll never walk again,” they told him. The proverbial bell rang
and Matthew, again, came out to fight. After feeling a pinprick on his big toe, he built
momentum and taught himself to walk in a matter of weeks. There’s more to this
inspirational story and you’ll learn more of it at